The Song of Zechariah

Played on the Guitar. Originally from – An Wasserflüssen Babylon Strasbourg, 1525


With reference to Luke 1: 68-79.

“Blest be the God of Israel,
for he has come to set us free;
in David’s house the Lord has raised
salvation’s horn for all to see.
He through his prophets long ago
said he would save us from our foe,
from all who scorn and hate us.
He has not put our fathers’ faith to shame
but, in his love remembering them,
has kept the oath he swore to Abraham.”.

Arranged by Riese Heemskerk




A New Father’s Song

“Hallelujah! Praised Be the Son,” played on the Guitar. Originally from – Evangelische Gezangen, 1806 


” Hallelujah! Praised be the Son,
for his redeeming work is done;
from sin he has untied us.
He died, was buried, but he lives,
and to his ransomed people gives
his blessed Word to guide us.

Hallelujah! The praises tell
of David’s Son, Emmanuel,
the Saviour, God incarnate.
In him, who will return again,
let all the universe acclaim
the Father, Son, and Spirit.”

Arranged by Riese Heemskerk




A New Father’s Song

To become a new father for the first time is an experience of a life time. Suddenly everything is different, deeper, broader and beautifully richer.

Receiving a new born child is a miracle all in itself. That this child is given to us by our Creator to care for, to nourish, and to teach , gives this gift a very special place in any Christian family.

The complex characteristics of the body & the mind of two different people, father & mother are mixed genetically together and have become another completely unique and new individual.

Healthy or not, the child, just like both of it’s parents, is created in the image of God. Now begins also a new and joyful task for both parents; to teach their young children all about the wonders of how they came to be and why.


And I danced in the light of the stars, I stood with my head in the clouds, then I ran big circles, staring towards outer space. And then I knelt once again in the light of His grace.


Riese Heemskerk

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