This is a PDF version of first verses from the Anglo Genevan Psalter with single notes & simplified keys and chords.
Musical animations are also provided to help the beginning student.

This is an active work in progress, to be updated, corrected and improved on as
time & health permits. Please check the version date on the cover to see if you have the latest copy.

Each page of notation has been made to fit on a single page for ease of viewing on various devices.

Please notify me of any errors that you find and they will be corrected.

As time permits, different styles and techniques for playing these Psalms on the guitar will be made available soon.



My wife and I took a small hike at Ball’s Falls In Vineland Ont, to the Upper Falls on March 24-2020.

We were impatient for spring and looking for some sign of it in the form of buds or leaves or anything!

Like everyone else we were impatient for the COVID 19 quarantine to end, but unlike many, we had a beautiful isolated place that we could go to and avoid any potentially dangerous contact with anyone.

This is a small video clip of our tiny trek with some background music in the form of Psalm 84.

” LORD, one day in your dwelling place is better than a thousand days outside the courts of your salvation.” has a little more poetic & practical poignancy today.