By the Sea of Crystal

A fresh sea of blossoms in early spring on a crystal clear day should encourage us all to remember our Heavenly Father’s promise of a complete renewal, made possible by a true faith and trust in Him, regardless of the winter we are currently enduring.

The theme of this Hymn’s text is drawn from John’s vision of the saints in glory, singing one of their great doxologies (Rev. 7:9-17). The initial reference to the “sea of crystal” is from Revelation 4:6 and the final (rhetorical) reference to the “King of kings” (st. 3) comes from Revelation 17:14.
Please see for more detailed historical details of this hymn.

“By the Sea Of Crystal, Saints in glory stand,
Myriads in number, drawn from every land,
Robed in white apparel, washed in Jesus’ blood,
They now reign in Heaven with the Lamb of God.”

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the sea of Crystal

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