Jesus Is Our Sure Defence
1 Corinthians 15:35-58
Jesus, meine Zuversicht
Johann Crüger, 1653

1. Jesus is our sure defence.
Why should we then fear or waver?
All our hope and confidence
rests on him, the risen Saviour.
Even in our darkest hour
he will shield us with his power.

2. We are flesh and must return
to the dust whence we were taken,
but we from the Scriptures learn
that from death we shall awaken:
We like buried seed that dies
shall unto new life arise.

3. What into the earth we sow,
standing at the graveside grieving,
is the seed that soon will grow,
glory from our God receiving.
He to every grain here sown
gives a body of its own.

4. What is weak and mortal here,
prey to illness and destruction,
shall with glorious power appear
in the hour of resurrection.
What today is sown disgraced
in great honour shall be raised.

5. God his own shall glorify
in a wondrous transformation.
Though not all of us may die,
all shall gain their full salvation
in the twinkling of an eye
when the Lord comes from on high.

6. When we hear the trumpet’s sound
and the dead are raised immortal,
we shall see with joy profound
how the grave must serve as portal
leading past all woe and strife
into everlasting life.

7. Then the word shall be fulfilled,
once by ancient prophets spoken:
“See how Satan’s might is quelled,
how the power of death lies broken.
Where, O death, is now your sting?”
Christ has conquered! He is King!

8. To our God be thanks and praise:
he through Christ made us victorious.
Be then steadfast all your days;
see how death’s defeat assures us
that in him who comes again
all your toil is not in vain.

William Helder and William W.J. VanOene, 1979


© Copyright 2014 by the Standing Committee for the Publication of the Book of Praise of the Canadian Reformed Churches

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