The versification and melody adaptations of the Heidelberg Catechism are provided by Aart Blokhuis, from Burlington, Ontario with melodies that are based on familiar Genevan Psalter and Book of Praise Hymn tunes. Though not all samples are shown here yet, it is hoped that Lord willing, many more will be made available.

The animated play along videos and musical notation are created by Riese Heemskerk @ These should hopefully provide a simple musical context that will allow the student to learn, sing, and play along using any musical instrument.

Q & A
1 My Only Comfort PlayPDF1, 2
Part I: Our Sin and Misery
2 The Law of God PlayPDF3–5
3 Our Corruption PlayPDF6–8
4 The Justice of God PlayPDF9–11
Part II: Our Deliverance
5 How Can We Escape? PlayPDF12–15
6 Our Mediator PlayPDF16–19
7 True Faith PlayPDF20–23
8 The Trinity PlayPDF24, 25
God the Father and Our Creation
9 I Believe in God the FatherPlayPDF26
10 The Providence of GodPlayPDF27, 28
God the Son and Our Redemption
11 JesusPlayPDF29, 30
12 ChristPlayPDF31, 32
13 God’s Only-Begotten Son, Our LordPlayPDF33, 34
14 Conceived, BornPlayPDF35, 36
15 Suffered, CrucifiedPlayPDF37–39
16 Dead, Buried, Descended into HellPlayPDF40–44
17 Arose Again from the Dead PlayPDF45
18 Ascended into Heaven PlayPDF46–49
19 At the Right Hand of God, Will Come to Judge PlayPDF50–52
God the Spirit and Our Sanctification
20 The Holy SpiritPlayPDF53
21 The Church, Communion of Saints, ForgivenessPlayPDF54–56
22 The Resurrection, Life EverlastingPlayPDF57, 58
Our Justification
23 Righteous Before GodPlayPDF59–61
24 Our WorksPlayPDF62–64
Word and Sacraments
25 Where Does Faith Come From?PlayPDF65–68
Holy Baptism
26 The PromisePlayPDF69–71
27 The SignPlayPDF72, 73
27 Infant BaptismPlayPDF74
The Lord’s Supper
28 The PromisePlayPDF75–77
29 The SignPlayPDF78, 79
30 The Papal MassPlayPDF80
30 Who Are to Come?PlayPDF81, 82
31 The Keys of the KingdomPlayPDF83–85
Part III: Our Thankfulness
32 Why Must We Do Good Works?PlayPDF86, 87
33 True RepentancePlayPDF88–91
The Ten Commandments
34 I Am the LORD Your GodPlayPDF92–95
35 You Shall Have No Other gods Before MePlayPDF96–98
36 You Shall Not Take the LORD’s Name In VainPlayPDF99, 100
37 Swearing an OathPlayPDF101, 102
38 Remember the Sabbath DayPlayPDF103
39 Honour Your Father and MotherPlayPDF104
40 You Shall Not MurderPlayPDF105–107
41 You Shall Not Commit AdulteryPlayPDF108, 109
42 You Shall Not StealPlayPDF110, 111
43You Shall Not Bear False WitnessPlayPDF112
44 You Shall Not CovetPlayPDF113–115
45 Prayer Which Pleases GodPlayPDF116–119
46 Our Father in HeavenPlayPDF120, 121
47 Hallowed Be Your NamePlayPDF122
48 Your Kingdom ComePlayPDF123
49 Your Will Be DonePlayPDF124
50 Give Us Our Daily BreadPlayPDF125
51 Forgive Us Our DebtsPlayPDF126
52 Lead Us Not into TemptationPlayPDF127
52 Yours Is the KingdomPlayPDF128
52 AmenPlayPDF129