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Simple musical learning aids.

A place to share and enjoy Christian music that is Christ centered, unashamedly Reformed and thus filled with grace.

Psalms was initialy  created to be a help to me and my own personal musical learning endeavours.

My primary instrument of choice has always been the classical guitar, an instrument that I fell in love with many years ago and am still intrigued with.

I also hope to record and place some more clasical guitar arrangements for the Genevan Psalter on as time permits.

I recently was encouraged by an Italian group who are busy translating the Genevan Psalter into Italian and using the guitar for musical accompaniment. 

They wrote ” First, we will arrange the melodies so that the Psalms can be rediscovered by contemporary Christian communities throughout the world. 

Many churches do not have organs but only guitars, so the arrangements should be simple & executable by anyone, Moreover, with this project we want to promote the singing of the Psalms in every place, both in personal worship, and collective worship. We hope that this is useful for the rediscovery of the Psalms in the daily life of us Christians.

Pray that the Lord continues to bless their work.
Riese H June 08, 2019

From Korea

Psalms of the Huguenots

Psalm 24 Variation on Guitar in A minor

Psalm 119 from the Netherlands