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Book of Praise Anglo Genevan Psalter 

Beecher – John Zundel, 1870

Hymn 41

Christ, Above All Glory Seated

Author unknown, ca. 7th c.; tr. James R. Woodford, 1852; alt.

1. Christ, above all glory seated,
King triumphant, strong to save!
Dying, you have death defeated;
buried, you have spoiled the grave.
You have gone where now is given
what no mortal might could gain,
on the eternal throne of heaven,
in your Father’s power to reign.

2. There your kingdoms all adore you,
heaven above and earth below;
while the depths of hell before you,
trembling and defeated, bow.
We revere you, LORD and Saviour;
we implore your grace and love.
Hear our prayers and help us ever
seek the things that are above.

3. LORD, when you return in glory
on the clouds of heaven above,
we your flock will stand before you,
kept forever in your love.
In your faithfulness confiding,
Jesus, all shall you adore.
On your holy throne abiding,
you shall reign for evermore.

Typical Congregational Singing in English