Hymn 67

This is a sampling of the congregational singing of Hymn 67 Come Lord Jesus Maranatha. (Canadian Reformed Church Smithville 2017)

The text for Hymn 67 in the Canadian Reformed Book of Praise – Come Lord Jesus Maranatha was co-authored by William Helder and William W.J. VanOene, 1979/2009

John Goss composed the melody for LAUDA ANIMA (Latin for the opening words of Psalm 103) for this text in 1868. (It is in the public domain)

Along with his original harmonizations, intended to interpret the different stanzas, the tune was also included in the appendix to Robert Brown¬ Borthwick’s Supplemental Hymn and Tune Book (1869).
LAUDA ANIMA is one of the finest tunes that arose out of the Victorian era.
A reviewer in The Musical Times, June 1869, said, “It is at once the most beautiful and dignified hymn tune which has lately come under our notice.”