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Heidelberg Catechism | Set to Rhyme & Music | Aart Blokhuis | May 19/11 |

Melody: Geneva, 1542/1543 (Psalm 22/Hymn 25 BOP “My God, O why have you forsaken me? / Who has believed our message”)

Lord’s Day 3 in Song



1.)Did God create man wicked and perverse?

No, man was made to rule His universe

To praise and honour Him with lofty verse

God’s their Creator.

In righteousness and holiness He made them

To dwell with Him eternally and praise Him

And love the Lord with all their inward being


2.) From where, then, did man’s depraved nature rise?

Through both, Adam and Eve, in paradise

Their disobedience became Satan’s prize

Inclined to evil.

Unable to do good, through sin affected

Corrupt, inclined to all what’s wrong, infected

Conceived and born through whom sin is detected


3.) Unless we are through Grace made new again,

By God’s own Holy Spirit, washed from stain,

Our only source and hope entrance to gain

All, without merit.

How great God’s love! We are regenerated,

Mankind rejoice! Praise Him who’s venerated,

He’ll never leave you or forsake, as stated,

Then, do His will.

Copied from Book of Praise Anglo Genevan Psalter 


Lord’s Day 3 
Heidelberg Catechism

  1. Q. Did God, then, create man so wicked and perverse?

No, on the contrary,

            God created man good1 and in his image,2

            that is, in true righteousness and holiness,3

            so that he might rightly know God his Creator,4

            heartily love him,

            and live with him in eternal blessedness

            to praise and glorify him.5

                        1 Gen 1:31. 2 Gen 1:26, 27.

                        3 Eph 4:24. 4 Col 3:10. 5 Ps 8.

  1. Q. From where, then, did man’s depraved nature come?

From the fall and disobedience of our first parents,

            Adam and Eve, in Paradise,1

            for there our nature became so corrupt2

            that we are all conceived and born in sin.3

                        1 Gen 3. 2 Rom 5:12, 18, 19.

                        3 Ps 51:5.

  1. Q. But are we so corrupt  that we are totally unable to do any good and inclined to all evil?

Yes,1 unless we are regenerated

                        by the Spirit of God.2

                        1 Gen 6:5; 8:21; Job 14:4; Is 53:6.

                        2 Jn 3:3-5.

Typical Congregational Singing of Psalm 122