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Heidelberg Catechism | Set to Rhyme & Music | Aart Blokhuis | May 20/11 |

Melody: Geneva 1562 (Psalm 89 / Hymn 3 BOP “O God, We Praise You, We Acknowledge You as Lord”)

Lord’s Day 5 in Song



1) Temporal, Eternal Judge, My God, what can I do?
How to escape Your Judgement or come back to You?
You demand satisfaction for my sins committed
Each day I add to them and I am discomfited.
Who on Earth can make payment, each day’s debt increasing
Without a Mediator, pleading without ceasing.


2) I can’t shove blame on others, God’s wrath would remain
For there’s no earthly creature my debts could sustain
That my wrongs be forgiven and that I should be judged free
I’m caught in Satan’s clutches, all my sins accuse me.
I need a Mediator, hope on Him depending,
One man, also true God, a Saviour, never ending.

Copied from Book of Praise Anglo Genevan Psalter 


Lord’s Day 5 
Heidelberg Catechism

  • 12. Q. Since, according to God’s righteous judgment
    we deserve temporal and eternal punishment,
    how can we escape this punishment
    and be again received into favour?

A. God demands that his justice be satisfied.1
Therefore we must make full payment,
either by ourselves or through another.2
1 Ex 20:5; 23:7; Rom 2:1-11.
2 Is 53:11; Rom 8:3, 4.

  • 13. Q. Can we by ourselves make this payment?

A. Certainly not.
On the contrary, we daily increase our debt.1
1 Ps 130:3; Mt 6:12; Rom 2:4, 5.

  • 14. Q. Can any mere creature pay for us?

A. No.
In the first place,
God will not punish another creature
for the sin which man has committed.1
no mere creature can sustain
the burden of God’s eternal wrath against sin
and deliver others from it.2
1 Ezek 18:4, 20; Heb 2:14-18.
2 Ps 130:3; Nahum 1:6.

  1. 15. Q. What kind of mediator and deliverer
    must we seek?

A. One who is a true1 and righteous2 man,
and yet more powerful than all creatures;
that is, one who is at the same time true God.3
1 1 Cor 15:21; Heb 2:17.
2 Is 53:9; 2 Cor 5:21; Heb 7:26.
3 Is 7:14; 9:6; Jer 23:6; Jn 1:1; Rom 8:3, 4.

Typical Congregational Singing of Psalm 89