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Heidelberg Catechism | Set to Rhyme & Music | Aart Blokhuis | May 20/11 |

Melody Joachim Magdeburg, 1573 (Hymn 55 BOP “Who Trusts in God, a Strong Abode”)

Lord’s Day 8 in Song

How Are These Articles Divided?


1) They are divided in three parts
The first; Our God the father,
Who spoke, “Let Us” and by His breath,
Made every form of matter.
The second part, our God, the Son,
His perfect work, redemption!
Who came and took the form of man,
Through death, earned our exemption.

2) The third part of these articles,
Shows God the Holy Spirit.
Who sanctifies us to Himself,
Though, we’re devoid of merit.
Three distinct Persons, yet one God,
One Father, Son and Spirit,
Creates, redeems and sanctifies,
Let all rejoice who hear it.

Copied from Book of Praise Anglo Genevan Psalter 


Lord’s Day 8  
Heidelberg Catechism

  • 24. Q. How are these articles divided?

A. Into three parts:
the first is about God the Father and our creation;
the second about God the Son and our redemption;
the third about God the Holy Spirit
and our sanctification.

  1. 25. Q. Since there is only one God,1

why do you speak of three persons,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?
A. Because God has so revealed himself in his Word2
that these three distinct persons
are the one, true, eternal God.
1 Deut 6:4; Is 44:6; 45:5; 1 Cor 8:4, 6.
2 Gen 1:2, 3; Is 61:1; 63:8-10; Mt 3:16, 17; 28:18, 19; Lk 4:18; Jn 14:26; 15:26; 2 Cor 13:14; Gal 4:6; Tit 3:5, 6.

Typical Congregational Singing of Hymn 55 Book of Praise