Psalm 1

Strasbourg, 1539 / Geneva, 1551

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Psalm 1

2014 Book of Praise of the Canadian Reformed Churches

1. How blest is he who shuns the path of sin,
who spurns the counsel of unrighteous men
and will not stand or sit among the scoffers;
their company to him no pleasure offers.
But his delight is in God’s holy law;
all day and night he ponders it with awe.

2. Whoever loves God’s law with all his heart
and will not from the way of truth depart
is like a tree which, planted by a river,
stays lush and green with leaves that will not wither
and which in season yields abundant fruit.
So he will thrive, whatever his pursuit.

3. Not so the wicked! For like chaff are they –
mere chaff that gusts of wind will blow away.
When judgment comes, they’ll stand condemned and humbled,
cast out from where the righteous are assembled.
The LORD will guard the pathway of the just;
the way of sinners leads to death and dust.

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© Copyright 2014 by the Standing Committee for the Publication of the Book of Praise of the Canadian Reformed Churches

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