Easy Play Psalm 10

Geneva, 1542/1551

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Psalm 10 Easy Play

Easy Play Chord Sheets provide a simple melody line of musical notation, an English translation, chords, and a play along animation based on Calvin’s 1543 Psalter. The  hope is that these all will be helpful for the rediscovery of the singing and playing of these Psalms in Christian’s daily lives worldwide.

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Psalm 10


1. Why do you stand far off ? O LORD, arise!
Why do you hide yourself in troubled days?
Do you not hear it when the poor man cries?
For on the poor the wicked sinner preys;
with arrogance his heart is set ablaze.
Let him be caught in schemes of his own making
with all who of his evil are partaking.

2. The wicked man boasts of his heart’s desire,
gives greed his blessing, for the LORD he spurns.
In haughty pride the wicked scorns his ire;
there is no room for God in his concerns.
In all his thoughts, to him he never turns.
God’s holy laws do not restrain or curb him.
He prospers, and his foes dare not disturb him.

3. He proudly thinks, “I shall forever stand,
for I shall never with misfortunes meet;
there’s nothing that can stop what I have planned.”
His mouth is filled with cursing and conceit;
beneath his tongue lurk mischief and deceit.
Iniquity and malice he will cherish,
and in his snares the innocent will perish.

4. He sits in ambush watching for his prey
and murders those not of his wiles aware.
He searches out the helpless on their way.
He is a lion lurking in his lair.
He lies in wait to catch them in his snare.
Deep in his heart he thinks, “God does not see it;
why fear his wrath? There is no need to flee it.”

5. Arise, O LORD! Lift up your mighty hand.
Do not forget the poor. O God, be near!
The humble in their helplessness defend!
Why does the wicked man still scoff and sneer?
How can he keep on thinking without fear,
“God will ignore my evil and oppression;
he will not make me pay for my transgression”?

6. But you, O God, you do see grief and woes,
and you do take the victims’ cause in hand.
To you they flee, for you support all those
who on their own cannot their foes withstand.
You to the fatherless your help extend.
LORD, break the arm of all who evil cherish;
seek out their wickedness until they perish.

7. The LORD is King; he reigns for evermore.
The heathen soon shall vanish from his land.
O LORD, you hear the pleading of the poor
and you support them with your mighty hand;
the orphaned and afflicted you defend,
that earthborn man, aroused by hate and error,
no more may strike the land with fear and terror.

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