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Strasbourg, 1539 / Geneva, 1543


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Psalm 103


1. O bless the LORD, my soul, bless your preserver!
My inmost being, praise his name with fervour.
Do not forget his deeds of love and grace.
O bless the LORD, who pardons your transgressions,
who heals your illnesses in his compassion,
and who redeems your life from death’s abyss.

2. O bless the LORD, who with his mercy crowns you,
who with his love and faithfulness surrounds you,
who grants his bounteous gifts your whole life through.
To him who shows his righteousness, sing praises;
from their affliction he his people raises.
Your youth he, like the eagle’s, will renew.

3. To the oppressed his justice he discloses.
His ways he long ago revealed to Moses;
his deeds he has to Israel made known
Great is his love! The LORD is slow to anger.
He will not let his wrath forever linger
and will not endlessly accuse his own.

4. The LORD has dealt with us in great compassion,
not punished us according to transgression.
High as the vault of heaven, without end,
so great his mercy is to those who fear him;
he sweeps the sins of all those who revere him
as far away as east from west extends.

5. In tender mercy, like that of a father
who has compassion on his sons and daughters,
God looks on those who put in him their trust.
On all who fear him, he will have compassion,
for well he knows how we were formed and fashioned;
the LORD remembers that we’re only dust.

6. Life is like grass, so quick to fade and perish,
or like a flower that will but briefly flourish,
that sears and withers in the blowing wind;
soon it is gone, not leaving any traces.
But God is ever merciful and gracious:
his love stands firm, abiding without end.

7. God’s mercy, everlasting and unfailing,
his righteousness, for evermore prevailing,
will rest on those who worship him with awe.
God will be faithful through the generations
to children’s children who with dedication
uphold his covenant and obey his laws.

8. His holy throne the LORD in heaven has founded;
from there he rules with sovereign power unbounded,
for all the universe is his domain.
Praise him, you angels, great in might and splendour.
You loyal servants, in your awe and wonder
shout forth the praise of his eternal reign!

9. You hosts of angels, worship and adore him.
All you who serve and minister before him,
his justice and his majesty extol!
Let all created things in glad communion
exalt his name throughout his vast dominion.
Come, praise the LORD and bless him, O my soul!

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