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Geneva, 1542/1543


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Psalm 104


1. O bless the LORD, my soul, and praise his name.
O LORD, how great you are, how bright your fame!
You who are clothed in majesty and splendour,
enrobed in light, to you my praise I render.
The heavens you have stretched out like a tent,
your palace founded on the firmament.
Clouds are your chariots, storms lend you their pinions;
winds are your heralds, fire and flame your minions.

2. The earth, which you have founded, none can shake.
The raging deep you as its cloak did make,
and even mountains were concealed thereunder;
the waters fled at your rebuke, your thunder.
They down the hills their way to valleys found;
the mighty waters you with limits bound.
So you assigned their place to them, that never
their roaring floods the earth again might cover.

3. You, LORD, let water gush from springs and wells;
it flows in valleys in among the hills.
You quench the thirst of every creature living,
to roaming beasts refreshing waters giving.
There by the riverside nest many birds;
among the branches is their singing heard.
From your high halls you water all the mountains;
you bless the earth from overflowing fountains.

4. For cattle you cause grass to sprout and grow,
and you to man give plants to reap and sow.
You in his bread and wine let him take pleasure;
in oil of joy, supplied in richest measure.
On cedars that you planted rains pour down;
well watered are the trees of Lebanon.
There dwells the stork with birds of every feather;
goats roam the rocky crags where coneys gather.

5. To mark the seasons you, LORD, made the moon.
At your command the sun turns dusk to noon,
and when the day by night is overtaken,
then in the forest all the beasts awaken.
Young lions roar and seek from God their prey,
but when the dawn appears, they steal away
and in their dens lie down, the sunlight scorning.
Man then awakes and greets the dewy morning.

6. Off to his work man goes when morning calls
and labours till the evening shadow falls.
O LORD, your many glorious works astound us.
In wisdom you made everything around us;
its fullness earth to you as tribute brings.
Your ocean teems with countless living things.
There sail the ships in coming and in going;
there plays Leviathan, its pleasure showing.

7. All creatures, LORD, look to your open hand
to give them food, for they on you depend.
They gather up its plenty when you beckon;
avert your face, and they are panic-stricken,
for when you take away their breath, they die.
They are created when you from on high
give them their life: it is your Spirit’s doing;
the face of all the earth you keep renewing.

8. For evermore God’s radiant glory stands;
may he rejoice in all that he commands.
He looks at earth and makes it shake and shiver;
he touches mountains, and they smoke and quiver.
God I will praise as long as I shall live;
may to the LORD my worship pleasure give.
But may the wicked from the earth be driven.
Bless God, my soul! To him all praise be given.

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