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Geneva, 1543/1551


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Psalm 107


1. Give thanks to God, rejoicing
because the LORD is good.
Bless him with anthems voicing
your love and gratitude.
He who our peace ensures
forsakes his promise never.
His steadfast love endures,
and we are his forever.

2. Let all this be repeated;
let those whom he set free
retell how he defeated
their fiercest enemy.
He gave them peace and rest.
In far-off lands he sought them;
from east as well as west,
from north and south he brought them.

3. Some, wandering in waste places,
found nowhere they could stay.
God heard them and was gracious;
he led them on their way.
With thirst and hunger weak,
they cried to God to save them
from deserts dry and bleak.
A place of rest he gave them.

4. God led them to a city
where they could safely dwell;
he showed them love and pity.
Let them his wonders tell,
and let their anthems rise.
His steadfast love relieves them.
Their thirst he satisfies;
no more their hunger grieves them.

5. Some, chained in gloomy prisons,
endured his anger’s rod.
They had rebelled and risen
against the words of God.
His counsel they had spurned,
the Most High’s voice neglected.
In vain for help they yearned;
they were by all rejected.

6. They cried to God to save them;
he broke their shackles all
and liberty he gave them;
the gloom did he dispel.
Let them God’s love adore
and at his marvels wonder;
he shatters great bronze doors,
snaps iron bars asunder.

7. Some were with illness stricken
because of sin and guilt.
All food caused them to sicken;
they were with loathing filled.
Close to death’s gates they came,
and there were none to cheer them.
Then in their grief and shame
they cried, and God did hear them.

8. To them his word revealing,
he came with power to save,
stretched out his hand of healing
and snatched them from the grave.
Let them all thank the LORD,
their sacrifices bringing,
and his great deeds record
with joyful shouts and singing.

9. Some who in ships were sailing
the ocean’s mighty sweep
saw there God’s power prevailing
in wonders of the deep.
The tempest, when he spoke,
caused waves to rise like mountains
that roared and fell and broke
into wild, foaming fountains.

10. They were distressed and humbled;
their courage ebbed away.
Like drunken men they stumbled
in terror and dismay.
The LORD saw their despair,
and when to him they shouted,
he heard their fervent prayer;
the raging storm he routed.

11. The LORD, their fears allaying,
bade storm and wind be still;
hushed were the waves, obeying
their Maker’s word and will.
How happy were the men
when he the calm provided
and he their ship again
to longed-for havens guided.

12. Let all then thank their Saviour
with shouts of joyful praise,
extol his love and favour,
shown in such wondrous ways.
Let them break out in song
within their congregation.
Let him be praised among
the elders of the nation.

13. Into dry land he changes
the fields where streams abound.
Clear springs and verdant ranges
he turns to thirsty ground.
To salty wastes he turned
a land of fruit and flower
because its people spurned
his words of truth and power.

14. Into cool streams he changes
a thirsty desert land.
In parched and barren ranges
flow springs at his command.
There he reveals his grace,
shows hungry ones his pity,
allows them in that place
to build themselves a city.

15. He grants them fields for sowing
and vineyards to prepare;
in harvests overflowing
they see God’s wondrous care.
His favour does not cease;
their garners they replenish.
In number they increase;
their herds do not diminish.

16. God pours contempt on princes
when they his own oppress,
drives them with their pretences
into the wilderness.
He, lifting them from woe,
his people does remember;
like flocks their families grow,
for he adds to their number.

17. The upright with elation
God’s mighty works acclaim;
the wicked of all nations
are silent, put to shame.
Let then the wise regard
all this with awe and wonder,
and, turning to the LORD,
let them his mercy ponder.

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