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Geneva, 1562


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Psalm 109


1. God, whom I praise and love sincerely,
do not stay silent. O LORD, hear me,
for wicked mouths, your word defying,
frame with their lips deceit and lying.
Though not deserving ill or threat,
I am with words of hate beset.

2. They rave and without cause abuse
me and, in return for love, accuse me.
I pray for all who have abhorred me;
with evil they for good reward me.
You see this, LORD, from heaven above;
with hatred they repay my love.

3. Appoint a wicked man to seize him.
Let his accuser not release him;
to him be guilt and blame awarded.
His prayers be all as sin regarded.
His days be few, and in disgrace
may he to others yield his place.

4. His wife be widowed and neglected;
his children orphaned, unprotected.
And when they beg, let nought be given;
they from their ruined homes be driven.
May creditors his goods all seize;
may strangers plunder what they please.

5. May he be exiled from his city,
none show his children any pity.
May his posterity be banished,
cut off, until his name has vanished;
his father’s and his mother’s sin,
let it before the LORD remain.

6. May it be always recollected
that he mistreated the afflicted,
that to the destitute he never
showed any kindness, any favour;
the poor and broken-hearted he
chased to their death, relentlessly.

7. He loved to curse – may curses press him.
He scoffed at blessings – may none bless him.
He like a mantle wore his cursing,
his evil and his hatred nursing.
May all the ills he did and spoke
like oil into his body soak.

8. His cursing be a cloak around him,
a belt that with his guilt has bound him.
May all who without cause accuse me
and speak their evil to abuse me
receive such payment from the LORD
as their appropriate reward.

9. But you, O LORD, my God and Saviour,
for your name’s sake, show me your favour!
Good is your love, great your compassion;
deliver me from all oppression,
for I am poor and need support,
and deeply wounded is my heart.

10. A fading shadow, disregarded;
a locust, shaken off, discarded –
these do I in my woe resemble.
My knees, through fasting weakened, tremble.
I’m skin and bones, all strength has fled,
and those who taunt me shake their head.

11. O help me, LORD my God, and hear me.
In your unfailing love, be near me.
Save me, your promises renewing,
and show them that it is your doing.
LORD, they may curse, but you will bless;
you’ll save me in your righteousness.

12. LORD, put to shame those who attack me
and with their taunts torment and mock me;
but may your servant sing with gladness,
saved by your hand from grief and sadness.
Dishonour my accusers’ name
and wrap them in a cloak of shame.

13. I’ll thank the LORD for his salvation
and praise him in the congregation.
He stands beside all those who suffer;
his help and comfort he will offer.
Though foes the poor to death condemn,
the LORD himself will rescue them.

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