Psalm 110

Geneva, 1551

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Psalm 110

2014 Book of Praise of the Canadian Reformed Churches

1. The LORD unto my Lord these words has spoken:
“Be seated on the throne at my right hand
till I the power of your foes have broken,
and you upon their necks your foot shall plant.”

2. To you the LORD will send forth out of Zion
the sceptre of authority and might.
Amidst your enemies show your dominion
and rule them by your own God-given right.

3. Your people will be wholly glad and willing
when you to your great battle summon them.
Your youth will come, as dew when day is dawning;
arrayed in holiness are your young men.

4. The LORD has sworn an oath he will not sever:
“After the order of Melchizedek
you are a priest, a priest to me forever.”
He gave his word and will not take it back.

5. The LORD is at your right hand; he will scatter
kings who oppose him on his day of wrath;
all nations he as judge will slay and shatter,
and he will crush whoever blocks his path.

6. From wayside brooks he’ll drink refreshing water;
in his campaign he will not fail or fall.
His enemies will never make him falter;
he will lift up his head and rule them all.

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