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Geneva, 1542/1543

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Psalm 115



1. No, not to us, O LORD, but to your name
be all the glory. With our loud acclaim
we honour and adore you.
Your steadfast love and faithfulness we laud.
Why should the nations ask, “Where is their God?”
and in their pride ignore you?

2. Our God, enthroned on heaven’s cherubim,
will bring to pass whatever pleases him.
The idols of the nations,
though skilful works of silver and of gold,
are merely things that hands of men did mould
into abominations.

3. Though they have mouths, they cannot make a sound.
Their eyes are blind: they cannot look around
at any sacrifices.
They may have ears, but they can never hear;
their nostrils cannot smell though men draw near
with frankincense and spices.

4. Though they have hands, they cannot touch or feel,
and at dead feet do their adorers kneel.
Though precious stones encrust them,
yet from their mouths no words can ever come.
Their makers will, like them, grow deaf and dumb,
and so will all who trust them.

5. O Israel, trust only in the LORD!
Praise him, your help and shield, with one accord;
his power will protect you.
O house of Aaron, put in God your trust;
all you who fear him, in the LORD find rest
when woes and cares afflict you.

6. The LORD will not forget us but will bless
all who in him alone their faith confess
with thanks for all he gave them.
On Aaron’s house and on his Israel,
on all who fear him will his blessings dwell;
both small and great, he saves them.

7. May he, the LORD, give you a rich increase,
you and your children with his bounties please.
May God bless you from heaven;
he shaped creation as he brought it forth.
To him belong the heavens, but the earth
the LORD to man has given.

8. The dead cannot in God the LORD rejoice;
those who go down to silence cannot voice
a new song to revere him.
But we will bless the LORD for evermore,
from this time forth and always him adore.
Praise then the LORD and fear him.

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