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Geneva, 1562

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Psalm 116



1. I love the LORD; his faithfulness I praise.
He heard my cries, for he is always near me;
in tender mercy he bent down to hear me.
I call on him in worship all my days.

2. The cords of death held me in deep despair;
great was my anguish when they tightly bound me.
The torments of the grave were all around me.
In my distress I turned to God in prayer.

3. I cried to him, “Deliver me, O LORD!
Preserve my life, O faithful God and Saviour.”
The LORD is just; he shows his grace and favour.
In his compassion he fulfils his word.

4. To helpless ones the LORD a shield will be;
he rescued me from peril and affliction.
Come, O my soul, find rest in his protection.
God in his mercy has been good to me.

5. LORD, you have saved my soul from death’s abyss.
My tears you’ve dried; my feet you’ve safely guided,
kept them from stumbling. Grace you have provided,
that I may live to walk before your face.

6. I kept my faith, and therefore did I speak
when I was made to suffer tribulation;
I said in haste and bitter consternation:
“All men are false, and guileful ways they seek.”

7. What shall I render to my Saviour now
for all the riches of his consolation?
I will lift up the cup of his salvation
and call upon his name with thankful vow.

8. In all his people’s presence I will pay
my vows to him, the LORD so good and gracious.
To God the death of all his saints is precious;
in times of grief he is their help and stay.

9. I am, O LORD, your servant, bound yet free,
your humble slave, whose shackles you have broken.
I’ll offer you my sacrifice as token
of thankfulness, and praise you constantly.

10. Before God’s people, O Jerusalem,
right in your midst, within his habitation,
I shall fulfil my vows with jubilation.
Shout hallelujah! Zion, praise his name!

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