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Geneva, 1551

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Psalm 132



1. Remember, LORD, how war and strife
and hardships burdened David’s life;
recall his days with troubles rife.
To God an oath he swore aloud;
to Jacob’s Mighty One he vowed:

2. “I will not enter my own house,
or get into my bed, and drowse
or sleep, till I have paid my vows,
till I find for the LORD a place,
for Jacob’s God a dwelling place.”

3. In Ephrathah the news we heard,
in Jaär’s fields our hearts were stirred;
we found the ark and spread the word:
“Let us go to his dwelling place
and worship there before his face.”

4. O LORD, go to your place of rest,
you and your ark, with power blessed,
and let your faithful priests be dressed
in holiness and so proclaim
your righteousness and wondrous fame.

5. Let shouts of praise the heavens shake,
your saints their joyful anthems make;
and for your servant David’s sake,
LORD, do not turn away your face
from him, anointed by your grace.

6. The LORD has once to David sworn
an oath from which he will not turn:
“There will to you a child be born,
a son who from your line will spring,
whom on your throne I’ ll set as king.

7. “If then your sons in faith uphold
my covenant, made in days of old,
and keep the laws that I unfold,
I to their offspring shall pass on
your kingdom’s everlasting throne.”

8. For Zion, by all men admired,
the LORD has chosen and acquired
and for his resting place desired:
“Jerusalem is founded well;
for evermore I here will dwell.

9. “On her I will my blessings shed.
Abundantly will she be fed;
I’ll satisfy her poor with bread.
Her priests I’ll with salvation dress;
her saints will shout with happiness.

10. “There I will cause, in David’s line,
a horn to sprout, a lamp to shine
for my anointed as a sign.
His enemies I clothe with shame,
but him I crown with lustrous fame.”

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