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Strasbourg, 1539 / Geneva, 1543

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Psalm 143



1. LORD, listen to my supplication,
my fervent plea for your salvation.
Be true to me, do what is right.
Withhold from me your condemnation,
for none is righteous in your sight.

2. My bitter foe has long pursued me;
my life he crushed when he subdued me.
By him into the darkness led,
I dwell where light and joy elude me;
he leaves me there like those long dead.

3. My soul is drained of expectation;
my heart is numb with consternation.
When I remember former days,
I am absorbed in meditation
and ponder all your works and ways.

4. LORD, see my hands to you extending;
I thirst for you, on you depending.
My spirit faints. Hide not your face,
or I will be like those descending
down to the gloom of death’s abyss.

5. Your face in love towards me turning,
show me your mercy in the morning.
I trust in you for my support.
Teach me your way and guide my learning:
to you I offer all my heart.

6. LORD, save me from my foes forever;
to you, my Rock, I flee for cover.
Teach me your will: you are my God.
Let your good Spirit, O my Saviour,
lead me along a level road.

7. For your name’s sake, do not neglect me
but silence all who now afflict me.
Your justice and your mercy show!
I am your servant. LORD, protect me;
deliver me from all my woe.

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