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Geneva, 1562

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Psalm 147



1. Come, praise the LORD! It’s good and pleasant
to praise his mercy ever-present.
Sing to the LORD, our God and Saviour,
who shows his steadfast love and favour.
He builds Jerusalem’s foundations
and reunites his scattered nation.
The broken-hearted he grants healing,
binds up their wounds, his love revealing.

2. He counts the stars and knows their number;
each one he will by name remember.
Our Lord is great, in power excelling,
his understanding past all telling.
The LORD lifts up the poor and humble
but causes wicked men to stumble.
O come in thankfulness before him;
with harp and joyful song adore him.

3. With clouds he covers all the heavens;
rain for the earth by him is given.
The LORD makes grass on hillsides flourish;
the beasts and ravens he will nourish.
He does not value man’s resources:
the runner’s legs, the strength of horses.
But he delights in those who fear him,
who for his constant love revere him.

4. Jerusalem, now praise your Saviour!
O Zion, thank him for his favour.
Your gates he strengthens by his power;
his gifts he on your children showers.
Within your walls in peace he leads you
and with the finest wheat he feeds you.
To all the earth he issues orders
that swiftly reach its farthest borders.

5. When he the wintry cold increases,
he spreads the snow like woolly fleeces;
like ashes he the hoarfrost scatters,
and hailstones on the earth he clatters.
Before his cold the water freezes
till he the icy bonds releases.
He sends his word, and winds start blowing;
he melts the ice, and streams are flowing!

6. By him Jerusalem is guided;
the LORD his statutes has provided,
his steadfast love to Jacob showing,
his word on Israel bestowing.
He dealt thus with no other nation;
they do not know his revelation.
Come, praise the LORD, your gladness voicing
and in his steadfast love rejoicing!

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