Easy Play Psalm 16

Geneva, 1551

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Psalm 16 Easy Play

Easy Play Chord Sheets provide a simple melody line of musical notation, an English translation, chords, and a play along animation based on Calvin’s 1543 Psalter. The  hope is that these all will be helpful for the rediscovery of the singing and playing of these Psalms in Christian’s daily lives worldwide.

Soli Deo Gloria

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Psalm 16


1. God, keep me safe! In you I put my trust.
To you I said, “You are my faithful Saviour.
LORD, with your presence I am richly blest.
Apart from you I can expect no favour.”
I love your saints; with them I am united,
and in their midst my soul will be delighted..

2. All those who choose to serve another god 
increase the sorrows that they bring upon them. 
I will not pour their offerings of blood
or speak their idols’ names: my lips will shun them. 
But you, O LORD, I shall forsake you never:
my cup and portion you will be forever.

3. You will maintain my happy lot, O LORD; 
the lines have fallen in most pleasant places. 
The heritage that you to me award
is my delight, a gift that I hold precious.
Your measuring-rod has blessed me with your favour,
marked out a place to be enjoyed forever.

4. I praise the LORD and bless him all the day,
for with his care and counsel he provides me;
even at night my heart shows me the way.
The LORD is near and he in safety guides me.
I worship him in joyful adoration;
none can deprive me of his preservation.

5. Therefore I will rejoice with heart and soul; 
my body rests secure in your protection. 
You will not leave me down in dark Sheol, 
nor let your Holy One there see corruption.
Your presence gives me joy in fullest measures;
your right hand brings me everlasting pleasures.

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