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Psalm 2

2014 Book of Praise of the Canadian Reformed Churches

Strasbourg, 1539 / Geneva, 1542

1. Why do the restless nations madly rage?
What haughty schemes are they in vain contriving?
The kings and rulers of the earth engage
in rash attempts to plot their empty striving.
They stand prepared, they all conspire together
against the LORD and his anointed King.
“Let us,” they say, “tear loose and break their fetters,
cast off their chains, their shackles from us fling.”

2. Though proudly now they raise their battle cry,
how vain is all their frenzied opposition!
The LORD, who sits enthroned in heaven on high,
laughs them to scorn: he holds them in derision.
Then he will speak in wrath and indignation
and all their host will he with terror fill:
“I’ve set my King,” so runs his proclamation,
“upon Mount Zion, on my holy hill.”

3. O peoples, listen to the LORD’s decree.
I will make known his royal declaration:
“Your Father I become this very day;
you are my Son. To you I give the nations.
Ask what you will: your heritage I’ ll make them;
their lands you will possess, both near and far,
for with a rod of iron you shall break them,
dash them to pieces like a potter’s jar.”

4. Take heed, O rulers of the earth, and hear.
Be wise, O kings, and let his edict warn you.
Rejoice with trembling; serve the LORD with fear.
Now kiss the Son, lest he in fury scorn you,
lest in his wrath the LORD cause you to perish,
for quickly kindled is his anger’s blaze.
But all who trust in him the LORD will cherish;
he will defend and bless them all their days.

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© Copyright 2014 by the Standing Committee for the Publication of the Book of Praise of the Canadian Reformed Churches

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