Easy Play Psalm 26

Geneva, 1551

Easy Play Psalms
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Psalm 26 Easy Play


Easy Play Psalms provides a simple melody line of musical notation, with an English translation, using simple chords, and some play along videos, all based on Calvin’s 1543 Psalter.

The  hope is that these humble resources will be helpful in rediscovering Christ’s own teachings, through the singing and playing of the Psalms from the Holy Bible.

By using these simple & unique church melodies of the Reformation in our daily lives  today, we share in common with  the many martyrs that have gone before us and who have often sung these melodies to their last breath.

Soli Deo Gloria

Psalm 26


1. O vindicate me, LORD!
Deceit I have abhorred;
I’ve led a life of blameless ways
and never did I waver.
I’ve always sought your favour;
in you I’ve trusted all my days.

2. LORD, test my heart and mind;
examine me to find
how much I long to be upright.
Let me not fall and perish;
your steadfast love I cherish
and in your truth I take delight.

3. With fools I do not sit;
I hate the hypocrite
and scorn all evil company.
My seat I’ve never taken
with those who have forsaken
the pathways of integrity.

4. O LORD, I wash my hands
to show my innocence,
and in your courts I take my place.
Around your altar, singing,
my voice with rapture ringing,
I laud your wondrous deeds of grace.

5. O LORD, I love your house,
the place that you once chose
to be your home in Israel.
I stand in adoration,
for in your habitation
your majesty and glory dwell.

6. LORD, sweep me not away
with those who kill and slay,
those who against you have rebelled –
men with corruption tainted,
with wicked schemes acquainted,
those whose right hands with bribes are filled.

7. But I will blameless be.
In mercy ransom me!
My feet stand firm on level ground;
in the great congregation
I’ll join in celebration
to praise the LORD with joyful sound.

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