Easy Play Psalm 44

Geneva, 1551

Easy Play
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Psalm 44 Easy Play

Easy Play Chord Sheets provide a simple melody line of musical notation, an English translation, chords, and a play along animation based on Calvin’s 1543 Psalter. The  hope is that these all will be helpful for the rediscovery of the singing and playing of these Psalms in Christian’s daily lives worldwide.

Soli Deo Gloria

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Psalm 44


1. With our own ears, O God of glory,
we’ve heard our fathers tell the story
of all your deeds in days of old.
You drove out nations proud and bold;
you crushed them with your mighty hand.
Your own you planted, made them flourish.
Not by their sword they won the land,
nor did their arm make them victorious.

2. It was your hand, your arm so mighty,
your face that shines on us so brightly,
for in your people you delight.
You are my King, my God, whose might
no foes of Jacob can oppose.
You, great Defender, will not fail us;
through you we overwhelm our foes
and trample down all who assail us.

3. I do not trust in bow or bravery;
my sword will from defeat not save me,
but you, Lord, to our rescue came
and put the enemy to shame.
In God we glory all day long,
for we are thankful for your favour.
We shall exalt you in our song
and praise your holy name forever.

4. Yet you have cast off and abased us;
our foes in battle have disgraced us.
You with our armies march no more;
shameful defeat we must endure.
We’ve all been plundered by the foe;
you left us prey to devastation.
Like sheep that to the slaughter go,
you scattered us among the nations.

5. O God, no longer you uphold us,
and for a trifle you have sold us.
Our neighbours look at us and mock,
for you’ve made us their laughingstock. T
he news of our disgrace has spread:
we are a byword to the nations.
They look at us and shake their head,
and great is our humiliation.

6. I hear their taunts and see their sneering;
bent on revenge, they keep on jeering.
All this has brought us bitter shame,
though we did not forget your name;
we did not break your covenant
and from your path we never wandered.
You crushed us in the jackal’s haunt,
and we to darkness were surrendered.

7. Had we the name of God neglected,
had we to foreign gods defected,
you would have seen it long ago.
All secrets of the heart you know.
Yet for your sake we all day long
face death like sheep soon to be slaughtered.
Our enemies are fierce and strong;
we have been overwhelmed and scattered.

8. O LORD, wake up! Why are you sleeping?
Come to our help, your promise keeping.
Why is it that you hide your face?
Have you forgotten our disgrace?
We lie defeated in the dust.
Rise up and help us! Do not slumber.
Redeem us, you in whom we trust!
Your steadfast love, O God, remember!

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