Easy Play Psalm 50

Geneva, 1543/1551

Easy Play
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Psalm 50 Easy Play

Easy Play Chord Sheets provide a simple melody line of musical notation, an English translation, chords, and a play along animation based on Calvin’s 1543 Psalter. The  hope is that these all will be helpful for the rediscovery of the singing and playing of these Psalms in Christian’s daily lives worldwide.

Soli Deo Gloria

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Psalm 50



1. The Mighty One, the LORD, proclaims his word;
God speaks, and everywhere his voice is heard.
He from the rising to the setting sun
calls all the earth and summons everyone.
Out of his Zion God shines forth in splendour;
men to her perfect beauty homage render.

2. Our God will not keep silent. See, he comes!
Fire goes before him and all things consumes;
fiercely a tempest round about him swirls.
His summons he at his creation hurls;
the heavens above and earth below shall hear him:
he comes to judge his people. May all fear him!

3. Hear the command God issues from his throne:
“Go out and gather those who are my own,
who made a solemn covenant with me,
pledging by sacrifice their loyalty.”
His justice is proclaimed throughout the heavens.
God is the judge; by him is judgment given.

4. “My people, I will speak, so listen well.
I testify against you, Israel.
I am your God, the God whom you exalt.
With all your sacrifice I find no fault;
daily you bring burnt offerings before me
and with your worship honour and adore me.

5. “I do not need your goats or your young bulls;
I will not take them from your pens and stalls.
Mine are the cattle on a thousand hills,
mine every beast that in the forest dwells.
All birds, all animals in field and pasture
belong to me, their maker and their master.

6. “If I were hungry, why should you be told?
For mine are earth and sea and all they hold.
Shall I then drink the blood or eat the flesh
of any goats or bulls that you possess?
Would this be what you think I am demanding?
Why should I need all this, on you depending?

7. “Bring the Most High your sacrifice of praise;
fulfil your vows and thank him for his grace.
Then in the day of trouble, call on me,
and I will rise in answer to your plea;
I will deliver you, my hand will save you,
and you will praise me for the help I gave you.”

8. To sinners who do not hold him in awe
God says, “What right have you to quote my law
and to recite the words so dear to me?
You mouth those covenant words so shamelessly
but hate it when I of your sin remind you;
my warning words you always cast behind you.

9. “You meet a thief and choose him for your friend,
and with adulterers your days you spend.
You give your tongue free rein for wickedness,
for all your talk is false and slanderous.
Continually you speak against your brother,
and you malign the son of your own mother.

10. “These things you’ve done, and when I yet kept still
you thought I was like you and all was well,
but now I shall accuse you to your face
and so confront you with your vile disgrace.
Mark this, you who forget all that God gave you,
or I will tear you up, and none will save you.

11. “Great is my mercy. Happy he will be
who with his sacrifices honours me,
who in true thankfulness before me bows
and worships me as he fulfils his vows,
who walks the path of righteous dedication.
Him I will show my wonders of salvation.”

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