Easy Play Psalm 57

Geneva, 1554/1556 / 1562

Easy Play
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Psalm 57 Easy Play

Easy Play Chord Sheets provide a simple melody line of musical notation, an English translation, chords, and a play along animation based on Calvin’s 1543 Psalter. The  hope is that these all will be helpful for the rediscovery of the singing and playing of these Psalms in Christian’s daily lives worldwide.

Soli Deo Gloria

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Psalm 57



1. Be merciful, be merciful to me;
O God, with you I find security.
The shadow of your wings is my protection;
until the storms pass by, to God I flee –
to God Most High, who charts my life’s direction.

2. He’ll send from heaven and save me as before,
frustrating those who hound me evermore.
His steadfast love will comfort me in sorrows
though I lie down amid the lions’ roar,
beset by foes whose teeth are spears and arrows.

3. O God, exalt yourself above the skies!
Let over all the earth your glory rise.
Alarmed was I when foes against me banded
to set a snare, but to their great surprise
they fell into the pit for me intended.

4. O God, my heart is steadfast: I will sing
and, making music, praise my glorious King.
Awake, my soul! All slumber be forsaken.
Awake, O harp and lyre! Your praises bring!
Come, join with me: the dawn I will awaken!

5. Among the nations I will sing your praise a
nd will proclaim the wonders of your ways.
For to the clouds extends your love unfailing;
your faithfulness out distances our gaze.
Through all the earth your glory be prevailing!

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