Easy Play Psalm 69

Geneva, 1551

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Psalm 69 Easy Play

Easy Play Chord Sheets provide a simple melody line of musical notation, an English translation, chords, and a play along animation based on Calvin’s 1543 Psalter. The  hope is that these all will be helpful for the rediscovery of the singing and playing of these Psalms in Christian’s daily lives worldwide.

Soli Deo Gloria

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Psalm 69



1. Save me, O God! The waters rise and leap:
up to my neck the roaring floods surround me.
There is no foothold, deadly dangers hound me.
I’ve come into the waters of the deep.
I am engulfed by floods for me too great;
my throat is parched, I’m weary with my crying.
My eyes grow dim as for my God I wait.
Come to my rescue, LORD, and heed my sighing.

2. More numerous than the hairs upon my head
are those who without any cause reject me,
those enemies who constantly afflict me
and whose malicious treachery I dread.
Must I restore now what I did not steal?
I know I’ve done the things you have forbidden.
O God, my folly I did not conceal;
from you my wrongs and misdeeds are not hidden.

3. May those who put in you their hope and trust
not through my doing be disgraced and slandered.
May they, O LORD, not be to shame surrendered
because I’ve been unfaithful or unjust.
O God of Israel, taunts and shame I’ve borne,
and for your sake I am to friend and brother
a stranger whom they disavow and scorn,
an alien to the sons of my own mother.

4. LORD, for your house I am consumed with zeal;
taunts meant for you have now on me descended.
I weep and fast. By none I am defended;
deep are the shame and sorrow that I feel.
I put on sackcloth, for my grief is great,
but people laugh at me and keep on sneering.
I am the talk of idlers at the gate,
the song of drunkards revelling and jeering.

5. But though they mock, O LORD, to you I pray;
at your own time, O God my Helper, hear me.
In your great love and faithfulness be near me,
and in the mire let me not sink away.
Deliver me from waters dark and deep,
from those who hate me. God, show me your favour
and draw me from the current’s mighty sweep.
Let death not close its mouth on me, O Saviour.

6. Out of the goodness of your steadfast love,
LORD, turn to me, with your great mercy bless me.
Do not conceal your face when foes oppress me;
in all my troubles, hear me from above.
Make haste to answer me, do not delay.
Come, rescue me, redeem your faithful servant.
Save me from those who seek me as their prey,
who hate me with a hatred fierce and fervent.

7. You know of all the scorn and shame I bear;
LORD, you have seen how enemies disgrace me,
how with their constant insults they abase me.
Taunts broke my heart, and deep is my despair.
I looked for pity, but I found deceit;
for comforters, but I saw them desert me.
They gave me bitter gall as food to eat
and vinegar as drink when I was thirsty.

8. At their own table let my foes be trapped,
ensnared when for their feasting they assemble.
Their eyes be darkened so that they will stumble;
from shaking limbs let all their strength be sapped.
Pour out your fury, let it not abate,
and by your wrath let them be overtaken.
Let their encampments be left desolate;
let all their tents be utterly forsaken.

9. They persecute those wounded by your hand,
and talk of those whose pains and sorrows please them.
Charge them with crime on crime; do not release them,
nor let them freed from guilt before you stand.
LORD, from the book of life blot out their names;
let none of them be in your scroll recorded.
Do not include them with those free from blame;
let good and evil justly be rewarded.

10. I am in pain, great is my misery;
O God, protect me, sending your salvation.
Then I will praise your name with jubilation
and give you thanks. To you all glory be.
More than an ox or bull as sacrifice,
my song of praise will please my God and Saviour.
His captive people he will not despise;
he hears the needy, showing them his favour.

11. Let heaven and earth praise him with grateful songs,
the seas and all that stirs in them adore him;
let all creation shout with joy before him:
God will save Zion. Praise to him belongs.
All Judah’s cities will the LORD rebuild.
There will his servants be, in praise excelling.
With their descendants will the land be filled;
there those who love him all will find a dwelling.

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