Easy Play Psalm 72

Geneva, 1551

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Easy Play Chord Sheets provide a simple melody line of musical notation, an English translation, chords, and a play along animation based on Calvin’s 1543 Psalter. The  hope is that these all will be helpful for the rediscovery of the singing and playing of these Psalms in Christian’s daily lives worldwide.

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Psalm 72



1. O God, give to the king your justice,
his son your righteousness.
You are the God in whom our trust is;
your hand alone can bless.
May he, the royal son, be reigning
with judgments true and sure,
to all your people right ordaining,
your justice to the poor.

2. May for the people hill and mountain
bring forth the peace they seek,
and justice, gushing like a fountain,
restore the faint and weak.
May he defend the poor and needy;
may he their children save,
and crush oppressors, proud and greedy,
who for their downfall crave.

3. May he, so high above the nations,
live while the sun endures –
he who throughout all generations
our joy and peace ensures;
and may he be like rain that drenches
the meadows parched and pale,
like showers whose abundance quenches
the thirst of hill and vale.

4. May in his days the righteous flourish
and peace on earth be found;
may for all those who justice cherish
his righteousness abound.
Long may he live and rule our nation
while sun and moon endure;
may he in every generation
our peace and joy ensure.

5. For evermore may his dominion
from sea to sea extend,
and from the River to the regions
of earth’s remotest end.
May every tribe and tongue adore him,
and may from east and west
his foes all come to bow before him,
his haters lick the dust.

6. May princes, moved by awe and wonder,
then travel miles on miles,
that they may him the tribute render
of Tarshish and the isles.
May Sheba with its gifts adore him,
and Seba treasures bring.
May rulers all fall down before him
and serve him as their king.

7. The helpless poor he will deliver
and hear them when they call,
for he, as great and gracious giver,
has pity on them all.
He saves them from oppressors greedy
and hears their anguished cries;
the blood of all the poor and needy
is precious in his eyes.

8. Long may he live! May all present him
with Sheba’s finest gold;
as tribute may the nations grant him
most precious gifts untold.
May people join in celebration
to praise him without end.
For him let prayers of invocation
to heaven’s throne ascend.

9. Throughout the land may grain be growing
from plains to mountain tops;
like Lebanon, may fields be glowing
with bounteous golden crops.
May in the cities people flower
like hillsides in the spring.
May all the earth acclaim his power
and of his glory sing.

10. The king whose name we are professing
shall like the sun endure.
In him all nations find their blessing;
their peace will be secure.
Blest be the LORD, for he so glorious
alone does wondrous things.
O God, in all the earth our chorus
with “Amen, Amen” rings.

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