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Geneva, 1562


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Psalm 74


1. O God, why have you cast us all away?
O why have we forever been rejected?
Why do you leave your sheep all unprotected
and let your anger smoke from day to day?

2. Remember your own people, those you love,
your heritage, your chosen congregation,
by you redeemed and saved from condemnation
in your good pleasure, shown from heaven above.

3. Do not forget Mount Zion, where you dwelt;
draw near to its perpetual desolations.
See the destruction which the hostile nations
brought on the place where once your people knelt.

4. O God, your foes with loud and angry roars
right in your temple raised their heathen banners,
destroyed your house with hatchets and with hammers,
and smashed the carvings that were there before.

5. They boldly set your holy house ablaze,
defiled the dwelling of your name so glorious.
They boasted that their might would be victorious
and burned each place where you received our praise.

6. We see no signs; we have no prophets left,
not even one by whom your word is spoken.
Is then the bond with you forever broken?
How long shall we of comfort be bereft?

7. How long, O God, will enemies yet scoff?
Will the reviling of your name cease never?
Will you hold back your strong right hand forever?
Withdraw it from your bosom. Cut them off!

8. Yet you, O God, my King from days of old,
throughout the earth worked wonders of salvation.
The sea you split wide open for your nation
and broke the heads of dragons fierce and bold.

9. The heads of proud Leviathan you crushed,
its flesh as food on desert beasts bestowing.
You, LORD, broke open fountains ever-flowing
and dried up streams where mighty waters rushed.

10. Yours is the day, yours also is the night;
sun, moon, and stars have you set in the heavens.
To all the earth you boundaries have given;
the seasons you established by your might.

11. Remember, LORD, the scoffing of your foes;
hear how your name is taunted by the wicked!
Yield not your dove to beast of field and thicket;
do not forget your children in their woes.

12. Look to the covenant! Hold it in regard,
for terror reigns in all the land’s dark places.
Let the downtrodden not endure disgraces,
and may the needy praise your name, O LORD.

13. Rise up, O God, rise and defend your cause.
Ignore the taunting of your foes no longer;
do not forget their shouts of raging anger,
the uproar which continues without pause.

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