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Geneva, 1543/1551


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Psalm 77


1. I cry out, that God may hear me
and with help be ever near me.
To the Lord I cry aloud,
by a weight of troubles bowed.
I stretch out my hand to reach him;
day and night my prayers beseech him.
To my God my grief I told;
I refuse to be consoled.

2. I remember God with weeping.
He has kept my eyes from sleeping,
and my spirit is so weak
that I’m too distraught to speak.
Through the night my thoughts in sadness
turn to former days of gladness,
to my songs of years gone by,
and I in my sorrow sigh:

3. “Will the LORD spurn us forever
and withhold from us his favour?
Will his love and mercy fail?
Will his promise not prevail?
Will he not forgive transgression
but, forgetting his compassion,
let his burning wrath replace
his unfailing love and grace?”

4. Then I said, “This is what hurts me:
that the Most High God deserts me,
that I am from him estranged
now that his right hand has changed.”
Yet I will recall and ponder
all his awesome works of wonder,
meditating with delight
on his deeds so great in might.

5. All your ways, O strong Defender,
are most holy, great in splendour.
What god is there anywhere
who can with our God compare?
You worked wonders of salvation,
showed your power among the nations.
Your strong arm redeemed and freed
Jacob’s sons and Joseph’s seed.

6. Mighty waters writhed and trembled,
for they saw you and were humbled;
fear convulsed the hidden deep,
made the roaring billows leap.
Clouds poured rain, with thunder crashing,
and your arrows kept on flashing.
With the lightning bolts you hurled,
you lit up and shook the world.

7. Through the sea, where waves were tossing,
you laid bare a path for crossing.
Mighty waters fled in awe,
yet your footprints no man saw.
Your own people you there guided,
shepherds for your flock provided.
Moses, Aaron, by their hand
led them to the promised land.

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