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Geneva, 1562


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Psalm 80


1. O Israel’s Shepherd, hear our pleading,
you who all Joseph’s flock are leading,
you throned above the cherubim!
Shine forth before your Ephraim;
show Benjamin, Manasseh light!
Come, save us, God! Stir up your might.

2. How long yet in your indignation
will you ignore our supplication?
Tears are the bread of Israel;
you gave us tears to drink as well.
You made us suffer strife and scorn,
and we our neighbours’ jeers have borne.

3. LORD God of hosts, O come, restore us
and cause your face to shine before us.
From servitude in Egypt’s land
you once brought out a vine to plant,
that it might thrive for evermore
where other nations dwelt before.

4. You cleared the ground for it to flourish;
your vine took root and did not perish
but filled the land so that its shade
a shelter for the mountains made
and, covering many mighty trees,
spread to the River and the Sea.

5. Why did you break its walls asunder?
All passers-by its grapes now plunder.
Your vine is ravaged by the boar,
and other beasts its fruit devour.
Return, O God, and show your grace;
look down from heaven, your dwelling place.

6. O God of hosts, grant preservation
and save your vine from devastation.
See how they in their savage ire
have cut it down, burned it with fire.
O let them perish in their fear
when you with your rebuke appear.

7. But let your hand, so great in power,
your aid and favour freely shower
upon the man at your right hand
and let him there beside you stand.
You raised him up, the son of man,
to work out your salvation’s plan.

8. O then we shall forsake you never!
Revive us, and we shall forever
call on your name, before you bow.
LORD God of hosts, restore us now
and cause your face to shine on us.
LORD, save us in your faithfulness.

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