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Geneva, 1562


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Psalm 88


1. O LORD, the God who rescues me,
I day and night cry out before you.
O turn to me as I implore you
to be attentive to my plea.
My soul is trouble-filled and weary;
the darkness of the grave draws near me.

2. Like those descending to the pit,
I am among the dead forsaken.
My strength and vigour you have taken;
with misery I am beset.
Cut off, as from your presence banished,
I have from your remembrance vanished.

3. You plunged me deep into the grave,
and in the darkest pit I languish.
Your fury burdens me with anguish,
and you engulf me with your waves.
Of my close friends you have bereft me;
they shunned me and in horror left me.

4. As in a prison put away,
I have no prospect of escaping.
My eyes grow dim with grief and weeping.
Yet, LORD, to you I turn each day
and spread my hands in supplication
as I cry out for consolation.

5. Do you work wonders for the dead?
Do they with praise rise up before you
and for your steadfast love adore you?
How can your goodness make them glad?
Is not Abaddon, dark and sombre,
the land where none your deeds remember?

6. But I cry out to you, O LORD;
my prayer I offer every morning.
O LORD, why do you keep on scorning
my fervent pleas, as if unheard?
Why do you cast me off and leave me?
Why do you hide your face to grieve me?

7. From childhood I’ve been close to death,
forlorn, afflicted, badly shaken,
and by your terrors overtaken;
my life is but a feeble breath.
I am engulfed by your great fury;
your onslaughts leave me weak and weary.

8. Your terrors like a mighty flood
have overwhelmed and almost drowned me,
and all day long they surge around me.
You bring me bitter solitude.
I’m shunned by those I loved so dearly;
my closest friend is darkness dreary.

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