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Geneva, 1562


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Psalm 89


1. I will forever sing of your great love, O LORD,
to ages yet to come make known your faithful word,
for with my mouth I will to every generation
proclaim your faithfulness in joyful adoration.
Your covenant love stands firm; it will not wane or waver,
for you in heaven itself established it forever.

2. You said, “I’ve made a covenant with my chosen one;
to David as my servant I my love have shown,
for I to him have sworn, ‘Your offspring I will favour;
I will establish your descendants’ reign forever.
Your kingdom will endure, for I laid its foundations,
and I will build your throne throughout all generations.’”

3. O LORD, the heavens extol the wonders of your ways;
the holy ones in their assembly sing your praise.
Who in their mighty host compares with you in splendour?
They all before your throne to you their homage render.
O LORD, who is like you? Who else has power unbounded?
You are the mighty God by faithfulness surrounded.

4. You rule the swelling tides, the surging of the sea,
and on the roaring waves impose tranquillity.
Proud Rahab you have crushed, its carcass you have shattered;
you with your mighty arm your enemies have scattered.
Both earth and skies are yours, for yours is all creation;
the world with all it holds you placed on its foundation.

5. You made both north and south and every mountain height;
Mount Tabor and Mount Hermon glory in your might.
Your arm, your strong right hand, evokes their jubilation.
True righteousness and justice are your throne’s foundation.
The love and faithfulness that will endure forever
before you make their way as heralds of your favour.

6. Blest are the people who acclaim you as their King,
who know the festal shout and of your mercy sing.
They walk in radiant light, before your face rejoicing;
the praises of your name they all day long keep voicing.
Your wondrous deeds they laud, your righteousness recalling;
they go their way with joy, your steadfast love extolling.

7. You are our strength and glory, you exalt our horn,
and by your favour, LORD, our enemies we scorn.
To you belongs our shield, our king so great and glorious;
you, LORD, came to his aid and you made him victorious.
To you our praise we sing, to you we homage render,
O Israel’s Holy One, our powerful Defender.

8. Of old, you to the faithful in a vision said:
“I have exalted him by whom you will be led;
one of your own I have selected and appointed:
my servant David, with my holy oil anointed.
My arm will make him strong, my right hand will protect him.
No foes will humble him, no wicked man afflict him.

9. “Before him I will go and crush his enemies.
His horn I will exalt; my love will never cease.
My name will be his strength; it will forsake him never,
and I will set his hand on seas and mighty rivers.
He will acknowledge me and cry in adoration,
‘My Father and my God, the Rock of my salvation!’

10. “I also will appoint him as my firstborn son,
highest of earthly kings, in fame surpassed by none.
My steadfast love for him I will maintain forever;
the covenant made with him I will not break or sever.
In keeping with my pledge, the throne to David given
will stand forever firm, enduring like the heavens.

11. “But should his sons forsake and disobey my law,
ignoring my commands, not holding them in awe,
then I will punish them, flog them for their transgression,
but will not take from him my love and my compassion.
My covenant will stand firm, my vow will not be broken,
nor will I change a word of what my lips have spoken.

12. “I once for all have sworn by my own holiness.
I will not break my word, but David I will bless;
his throne will evermore from heir to heir be handed,
for like the sun it will endure as I commanded.
And like the moon, the faithful witness in the heavens,
his reign will be secure. My promise I have given.”

13. But your anointed one you in your wrath have spurned;
him you have now cast off, against him you have turned.
The covenant made with him you have repudiated;
his crown lies in the dust, defiled and violated.
LORD, you have breached his walls, brought widespread devastation,
reduced his citadels to scenes of desolation.

14. See how all passers-by have robbed and plundered him;
he is his neighbours’ scorn, enduring bitter shame.
The right hand of his foes you have in war exalted;
they cheered in triumph when against him they revolted.
His sword you have turned back, his enemies have felled him,
and in his many battles you have not upheld him.

15. O LORD, you have removed the sceptre from his hand,
cast to the ground his throne, him from your presence banned.
You have cut short his youth, his vigour you have taken,
enveloped him in shame, and left him all forsaken.
How long, O LORD? How long will you from him be hiding?
How long before your blazing wrath will be subsiding?

16. Remember, LORD, my life, its brief and fleeting span.
O for what vanity have you created man!
For who can live and see the light of day forever?
Who can outwit the grave and meet its terrors never?
LORD, where is now your love? Why has it waned and wavered?
Where is the faithfulness that once you swore to David?

17. Remember how I bear within my heart, O LORD,
the insults and the taunts that I have long endured.
Your servant has been mocked and jeered by all the nations;
foes taunted your anointed with their provocations.
Yet praise and worship God! His mercy will not waver.
Yes, Amen and Amen. Praised be the LORD forever!

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