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Geneva, 1551


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Psalm 90


1. Lord, you have been since you shaped all creation
our dwelling place in every generation.
Before the mountains were brought forth and grounded
and you the earth and world had formed and founded,
from everlasting stood your holy throne;
to everlasting you are God alone.

2. You turn us back to dust when life is ended,
for so you in these very words commanded:
“Return to dust, O mortals.” Thus we perish.
Brief is our life, and vain the things we cherish.
A thousand of our years are in your sight
a day gone by, a watch that ends the night.

3. We’re swept away as by a mighty river.
Like fleeting dreams are we and our endeavour,
like tender grass that springs up in the morning,
like flowers that, for a while the earth adorning,
unfold and blossom in the early sun:
by evening they are shrivelled up and gone.

4. For we are all consumed by your great anger,
and we have seen your indignation linger.
You are with our iniquity acquainted;
your light reveals that all our deeds are tainted.
For in your wrath will all our days go by,
until our lives we finish with a sigh.

5. Our years are few: you seventy allow us,
or eighty if you with the strength endow us.
Throughout their span we in our sorrow languish;
the best of them are filled with toil and anguish.
They quickly pass until we reach the day
when life is over and we fly away.

6. Who feels your anger’s force, O God Almighty?
Who knows how great it is and fears it rightly?
Teach us that we our span of days may number;
help us gain wisdom. LORD, your love remember!
We for your mercy and compassion yearn.
How long yet must we wait? O LORD, return!

7. O LORD, come in the morning and supply us
with your unfailing love to satisfy us,
that we may then rejoice and sing with gladness
as many days as we have mourned in sadness,
as many years as we have seen distress.
Replace our grief with joy and happiness.

8. Make known to us your deeds of might and splendour,
and may our children marvel at your grandeur.
May you, O LORD, our gracious God and Saviour,
bless us with all the riches of your favour.
Establish all the labours of our hands;
establish them, that to your praise they stand.

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