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Geneva, 1543/1551


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Psalm 91


1. Those dwelling in the hiding place
of God Most High shall tarry
where in the shadow of his grace
his goodness will not vary.
My fortress when I am beset,
my rock – I trust him ever,
for he will from the fowler’s net
his faithful ones deliver.

2. He’ll save you from the pestilence,
his wings as shelter lending.
His pinions are your sure defence,
his truth a shield unbending.
At night you will not fear the gloom,
nor, during day, the arrow,
nor havoc that may spread at noon,
nor nights of plagues and sorrow.

3. A thousand at your side may fall,
but you’ ll be safely guarded;
when tens of thousands die in all,
you’ll see the foe rewarded.
Since you the LORD your refuge made,
your rock and habitation,
no evil shall your tents invade,
nor plague and tribulation.

4. His hosts of angels God commands
for evermore to serve you.
They will support you on their hands
and from all danger swerve you,
lest ever you your foot should dash against a stone, or stumble.
The deadly serpent you will crush;
the lion you will humble.

5. “Because he on my love relies,
I surely will defend him.
He knows my name; thus, when he cries,
my answer I will send him.
I’ll come with rescue in the strife;
to him is honour owing.
I’ll bless him with great length of life,
to him salvation showing.”

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