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Geneva, 1562


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Psalm 97


1. The LORD our God is King!
Let earth rejoice and sing.
Let shores of distant nations
resound with jubilation.
Clouds dark with mystery
enfold his majesty.
He firmly based his throne
on righteousness alone.
Our glorious King is he.

2. Fire that consumes his foes
fiercely before him goes.
His thunderbolts are frightening:
the world’s lit up with lightning.
Earth trembles at the sight.
The mountains, great in height,
like wax all melt away
in terror and dismay
when God reveals his might.

3. The heavens everywhere
his righteousness declare.
The world in awe and wonder
beholds his holy splendour.
But God puts those to shame
who do not fear his name,
who in their idols boast,
and all their worthless host.
You gods, all worship him!

4. Now Zion lifts her voice;
all Judah’s towns rejoice.
They heard the proclamation
of glorious vindication.
LORD, none with you compare,
for God Most High you are.
The earth is yours alone;
exalted is your throne,
supreme for evermore.

5. Let evil be abhorred
by those who love the LORD.
The faithful he will ever
from wicked men deliver.
Light dawns for the upright;
in joy they will delight.
You saints, rejoice in him
and praise his holy name.
Extol his glorious might!

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