These animated videos provide a simple musical context that will allow the christian student to learn, sing, and play along with a paraphrased version of some Lord’s Days from the Heidelberg Catechism.

The versification and improvisations are provided by Aart Blokhuis, from Burlington, Ontario with melodies that are based on familiar Genevan Psalter tunes. Though there are only 9 samples shown here, it is hoped that Lord willing, many more will be made available.

The made up word “Ref-Grass” is a play on the word Bluegrass which is a type of traditional country music that is influenced by jazz and blues.

Ref-Grass is also meant to be music that is influenced by traditional christian music and played on simple contemporary instruments at home, around the campfire, or as many Christians do, in hiding.

The animations are optimized for use on a smart phone.

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