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This is a place to share musical resources with others who also have a love  for the Anglo Genevan Psalter  known personally as the Book of Praise of the Canadian Reformed Churches.
I have grown up with these melodies and their various English & Dutch rhymings and the Psalms remain first of all God given prayers set to the melody and tempo of a particular musical tradition.

The musical tradition that the Genevan Psalter has inherited, is from the Reformation  of the 16th century and is unique to the many other new Psalters that  appeared in different places at that time.

In times of happiness as well as in times of deep sorrow there is much comfort and wisdom to be discovered in the Psalms and also in the Hymns when they are sung and played.

I don’t pretend to be a great musician or much of a scholar, but I do have a  hobby that involves the guitar and these wonderful words and melodies.  Perhaps others would like to share in this hobby or help improve the quality of it. That is the main reason Psalms 101 has been created.

The music played by myself is only to illustrate what I have discovered can be done with a guitar, to be shared and improved on by other guitar enthusiasts.

You will hear unintentional background noises and many mistakes in my recordings as I publish them. If you happen to  enjoy some of the music anyway, that’s a bonus, but I am certainly not trying to give a professional concert.

I believe it’s more important ‘why’ you play music rather than how well you play it, or what instrument you play it with. Though we should always strive to do our best.

However if you play Psalms and Hymns regularly, listening to and singing  the words, you will become much better musician both on the outside and on the inside, whatever instrument you chose to play.

Thanks for visiting!

Riese Heemskerk


Guitar Practice & Study Resources

Play Along & Practice Guitar

Simple Chords for The Book of Praise

Single Piano Note Melodies

This player plays each Psalm melody with a single piano note.
A player that plays each melody  with a single plucked guitar or violin note will  be made available here soon.

Repeating a melody in the player can be a great help in learning, on any instrument as you play over top of it and try to improvise against it.

Musical Notes


I am always looking for more Genevan Psalter resources to share with others online.
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