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Heidelberg Catechism | Set to Rhyme & Music | Aart Blokhuis | May/20/11 |

Melody; David G. Corner, 1631 (Hymn 62 BOP “For the Bread Which You Have Broken “)

Lord’s Day 10 in Song (Part 1)

Can you tell me about my Father the Sustainer?


1) My father is almighty God
He is everywhere in power
And with His hand He upholds us
Millenniums every hour.

2) His seasons follow year by year,
He cares for all what we sow,,
His eye is on each blade of grass
He makes all good things to grow

3) He gives us drink and food to eat,
His love’s present everywhere,
When sick or we don’t understand
To know, we are in His care

4) There’s not one thing that come by chance,
Fruitful or the barren years,
Even when poor, by needs hemmed in,
He gives laughter after tears.


Heidelberg Catechism | Set to Rhyme & Music | Aart Blokhuis | May/21/11 |

Melody; Haarlem, 1626 (Hymn 77 BOP “We Praise You, O God, Our Redeemer, Creator”)

Lord’s Day 10 in Song (Part 2)

Is it comforting to know my God as your Father, the provider?


1) God makes me patient, when, adversities befall,
In Him, all my prosperity is complete
Thus I place my hope, my future and yes, my all,
Trusting, that He will guide me and save from defeat.

2) This is my confidence, completely in His hand!
No grieving or pain can ever separate.
Without His divine will, nothing here can move or stand,
All earthly needs His love provides, Glories await.

Copied from Book of Praise Anglo Genevan Psalter 


Lord’s Day 10  
Heidelberg Catechism

  • 27. Q. What do you understand by the providence of God?

A. God’s providence is
his almighty and ever present power,1
whereby, as with his hand, he still upholds
heaven and earth and all creatures,2
and so governs them that
leaf and blade,
rain and drought,
fruitful and barren years,
food and drink,
health and sickness,
riches and poverty,3
indeed, all things,
come to us not by chance4
but by his fatherly hand.5

1 Jer 23:23, 24; Acts 17:24-28.
2 Heb 1:3.
3 Jer 5:24; Acts 14:15-17; Jn 9:3; Prov 22:2.
4 Prov 16:33.
5 Mt 10:29.

  • 28. Q. What does it benefit us to know
    that God has created all things
    and still upholds them by his providence?

A. We can be patient in adversity,1
thankful in prosperity,2
and with a view to the future
we can have a firm confidence
in our faithful God and Father
that no creature shall separate us
from his love;3
for all creatures are so completely in his hand
that without his will
they cannot so much as move.4

1 Job 1:21, 22; Ps 39:10; Jas 1:3.
2 Deut 8:10; 1 Thess 5:18.
3 Ps 55:22; Rom 5:3-5; 8:38, 39.
4 Job 1:12; 2:6; Prov 21:1; Acts 17:24-28.

Typical Congregational Singing of Hymn 62 & 77 Book of Praise